We just got back from dinner in Philly with J.P.’s boss, Jennifer, and her husband, Josh. They’re in town from NC for a few days, so we drove in to meet them. We ate at Roy’s (a Hawaiian fusion restaurant), and had a great time.

I had to have a mojito (not exactly Hawaiian), and J.P. and I shared a chocolate souffle for dessert. We knew those things would be good, but we also wanted to try something new. We recently saw an episode of $40 a Day where Rachael was on the Big Island, and she tried poke. It looked awesome, so when we saw it on the menu tonight we knew we had to try it. Roy’s version was different from the recipe link above–it had cilantro instead of seaweed, and there weren’t any nuts, but it was great!

Now, of course, J.P. has the bug–he REALLY wants to go back to Hawaii for our five-year anniversary in April. I’m still not convinced we can swing it–if we go this year, it will have to be in the late summer or fall. Personally, I’m voting for 2006, but we’ll have to see how things go . . .


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