What it’s all “About”

You may have noticed that I updated the About section of this page (over on the right) today. It’s a quote from Dale Wolf. You probably don’t know her. Heck—I didn’t even know her. She worked at Ceridian and she died of breast cancer in December. She’s become something of a celebrity in the Twin Cities now that she’s gone because she wrote her own humorous obituary. The obit became the subject for a Kim Ode column (registration required), and today Dale was written up in our employee newsletter.

Who would’ve thought that an obituary could have such an impact on people who didn’t even know her? But reading it and the newspaper column, and Dale’s final entry in her online journal (scroll down past the donation information) has really made me think. Not just about dying and dying with grace, but really about living. Go to her journal and read the entry, and you’ll see what I mean.

I think my philosophy is very similar to hers, but after months (even years!) of good health since my own diagnosis, it’s easy for me to forget it sometimes. So I took the last line from Dale’s final message and put it on my site as a reminder for us all.


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