The Anal-Retentive Blogger

Remember the other day when I wrote about my anal-retentive tendencies when it comes to money? Well, those tendencies spill over into certain other areas of my life too. Typically not important things. Example: folding towels. They have to be just so. Kelly and I both have this affliction with towel folding, and it’s Mom’s fault! When we were growing up, they had to be folded and lined up perfectly in the linen closet, or she wasn’t happy. And now I’m the same way. Hmmm . . . nature or nurture?

Anyway, I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time on this blog lately. And I haven’t even been writing anything. It seems so easy . . . just pick a template, fill in some basic information, and start writing! Of course it can’t be that easy for me because I want everything the way I want it (J.P. calls this “high-maintenance”).

I decided to install a hit counter so I know how many times my page is accessed. It was easy enough to do, and it’s working. But am I happy? No! It doesn’t line up correctly on the page, and I wish it blended better with my new template. I’ll be satisfied if I can figure out the alignment issue though. I don’t think I’ll win the battle with the graphic.

I also don’t like that people can leave anonymous comments. I want to know who you are! Like I don’t already know who my three readers are. But still! So I’ve been Googling and searching, trying to find some code that I can copy and paste to change the functionality of comments. I found some, and incorporated it tonight. I’m not sure it’s working quite right just yet, but give it a try.

I’m spending all kinds of time on this, and in the grand scheme of things it really. doesn’t. matter. Why do I do this to myself? Why?!? Because I think it’s fun.


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