By the Numbers

Days this blog has been in existence: 20
Templates used in that time: 3
Fried brain cells in the last three weeks: 22,247,973
Knowledge of cascading style sheets and HTML: priceless

Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog was so that I’d have a real-life way to learn more about web programming. Tutorials are boring (says the instructional designer), and I wanted a real project where I could see results. Consequently, this is most definitely a work in progress.

The good news: I created the Sharkey Malarkey image myself. That may be painfully obvious to anyone with a background in graphic design, but to my amateur eyes it looks pretty good. The better news: I managed to incorporate it into the template’s design.

Now for the bad news: This free template seems to have some shortfalls. I think I’ve gotten the wrinkles out of the main page. But when you click on one of the old entries, there are some things that don’t seem to work quite right. Primarily the comments (when you try enter them, it says, “error on page”). And with the overwhelming number of comments I get on any given day, you can see why that’s an issue.

Amount of money I paid for this template: $0
Amount of money I paid for my web programming education: $0

Hmmmm . . . think there’s a reason why I can’t get this thing to work?


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