I knew him when

Last weekend, I saw a familiar name as I was checking out some blog sites. After a little research, I found that the person I read about is in fact the Jeff Johnson that I know. Oh, I don’t know him well, and I haven’t talked to him in years, but still–it was kind of cool to see that he’s running for a major statewide office.

I played clarinet in the college band, he played trombone, and the woman who is now his wife played the flute. Seeing their picture on his web site brought back lots of band memories. There were parties at “The Attic.” But don’t look for any political dirt here–these were band geek parties, remember? We thought it was fun to sit around and watch a performance of Carmina Burana on PBS.

And then there was band tour (geeks on wheels). I’ll always remember the truck crew (which consisted mostly of low brass players) singing, “We’re the truck crew, and we’re here to serve you. We wear size twelve shoes and drink a lot of brewskies.” This was to the tune of Gliere’s Russian Sailor’s Dance, which we played that year. Then they went on to sing about locking Kris Copeland in the chimes box because she had the chicken pox. It was hilarious to those of us who had to sit near her on the bus that week. What? You don’t find that funny? Hmm . . . maybe it’s one of those “you had to be there” things . . .

Good luck, Jeff!


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