Penny Pup Pics

It seems inevitable that we will soon be the proud owners of a Nikon D70. It’s the camera of Dooce and Beth and Frank. And J.P. just HAS to have one too. While I’m excited about the prospect of actually owning the camera, I’m less than excited about its price. But J.P. has done his homework and found a good deal, plus he’s finagled a way to finance it without breaking the bank.

So in preparation, I’ve been trying to use our existing camera once in a while. I’m not exactly in the habit of carrying it around, so sometimes I just see something that I’d like to take a picture of. You know, kind of developing my photographer’s eye. Yeah, right. Whatever.

My most convenient subject is Penny. She mostly just lies around, sunning herself or gnawing on a rawhide, so that makes it easy. She’s even kind of getting used to the camera. In the past I’ve had to fool her into letting me take her picture because as soon as I put it up to my face or otherwise indicate I’m about to do something, she gets all curious and starts walking toward me. “What’cha doin’ Mom?” But now she’s a little more used to it and will just go on about her business.

So for your enjoyment, here are some shots I took of her yesterday.

Couch Potato Penny


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