Dreamy Parties

The other night I had a party, and Beth and Carol were there. Since we’re all from Minnesota, I was really excited to introduce them to my friends. Sadly, the party itself was very Mary Richards-esque in that it was quite boring. (Hmm . . . is it coincidence that Mary was a Minnesotan too?) I realized at the time that the party was lame, but couldn’t figure out how to make it better. So I just decided to wake up instead. Thankfully, it was a dream.

How sad is it that I’m dreaming about other bloggers? They’re people I don’t know, and they have absolutely no idea that I even exist. I have to admit that I was a little starstruck when they showed up at my party. But there’s no need to send the cops to arrest me for stalking—I know I only dreamt about them because I had been sitting in bed reading their blogs on my laptop before turning out the light.


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