Don’t you just love reading about my troubles?

This weekend, BlogPatrol was offline for a few days while they upgraded their servers. It’s the tool I use to monitor how many hits my site is getting. Of course, I couldn’t go two whole days without tracking the 6 hits I get in a typical weekend, so I went in search of another tool.

I found StatCounter, and I really like its capabilities. However, I’m not so happy with the effects that it’s had on my site. Since I installed the code, my page only loads correctly about one time in ten. Most of the time, it loads with all the about me/archive/link info at the bottom of the main page (see it down there?). Other times, it completly messes up the alignment of my template. And once in a while both things happen. Bonus!

It was working great last night, but tonight it looks horrible. And since it’s now midnight and I have yet to pack for my Atlanta trip, it’s not getting fixed until later in the week. Assuming, of course, that I can figure out what’s causing the problem.


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