The REAL reason for the new camera

Yes, that’s right. We bought the D70 so we could take pictures of meat. This little version of the photo doesn’t do it justice—click the image to see a larger pic (but don’t do it if you’re on a dial-up connection). Doesn’t that look good? Well, maybe you need the yummy aroma to fully appreciate it.

Last week we were watching Alton Brown make ham on Good Eats. This recipe was making our mouths water, so we decided to give it a try. The glaze is a combination of brown mustard, brown sugar, bourbon, and ground up gingersnaps. It sounded kind of weird, but Alton’s kind of weird and we like him. And we figured we couldn’t go wrong since the recipe involved bourbon. We weren’t disappointed, at least not until it was time to clean the pan. The ham was delicious, but the combination of caramelized sugar and ground cookies made for an inch-thick layer of gooey sludge that’s nearly impossible to remove. Note to self: next year, buy disposable aluminum pan. Happy Easter!


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