All better

I think I got the issue with my sidebar and the stat counter resolved. My sidebar is now appearing at the top of the page again. While I’m glad it’s fixed, it did involve some humiliation and a workaround. I posted a question on the discussion board at, and someone there took a look at my code. She said, “I see many problems . . . You’ve got a mess . . .” Well duh! I have no idea what I’m doing with style sheets and html coding, and I think this template was coded by someone who knows only slightly more than I do. It was all I could do not to post a reply to try and explain all this, but I thought it would make me look dumber than I already do.

The reply to my question didn’t even include any helpful information. So I moved the code to a different part of the page, and now things are displaying correctly. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s still counting my eight daily hits.

I think I’ve recovered from my mystery illness. I felt crummy yesterday morning, but then was fine until I threw up around 9:00 last night. Today wasn’t so good—fever, intestinal nastiness, and a headache. But there’s something to be said for no more puking. I slept most of the afternoon (so much for that working from home idea) and evening, and after J.P. made me a chocolate shake I started to feel a bit better. Is there anything that a little ice cream and chocolate can’t fix?


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