Sunday in the Park

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS day today. Best one yet this spring, unless you count the day last week when I was puking. Which I don’t. Anyway, we headed to Fairmount Park to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. Yep, just right down the road in Philly. No need to drive to D.C. anymore, unless you want to see the Tidal Basin, monuments to dead guys, or a Smithsonian museum or two.

There was Japanese food, kite flying, martial arts demonstrations, taiko drumming, dancing, and lots of other stuff. We took the camera along, and took a few shots of the activities and lots of shots of the blossoms. Click any of the images above to see a larger version.

Vacation officially starts tomorrow. Of course, I haven’t worked since Thursday, but it doesn’t fully count as vacation unless you’re getting paid not to work. When J.P. and I wake up in the morning, oh, say, sometime between nine and 10 o’clock, we’ll lie there and laugh at all the poor saps who are chained to their desks. Yeah, I know, we’ll be right back there with them next Monday morning. But for this week, we’re pretending that we’re independently wealthy and we never have to work again. Shut up! Just let us enjoy this little charade, at least until we’ve cleaned out our savings account to buy a tank of gas.


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