Colorado, Day 2

We spent a lot of time in the car today, but we saw a lot of cool stuff. This is J.P. holding up Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods. Yeah, I’m still working on developing that photographer’s eye. After we got back to the hotel and I looked at the image on the computer, I realized that I should’ve had him stand on the other side of the rock. He could’ve pretended he was making a huge effort to hold it up. You know—like this guy. Okay, so maybe that isn’t such an original idea after all.

We also went to Pike’s Peak and drove as far as we could up the mountain. The last four miles or so of the road were closed because of snow. This was the rock formation we saw at the end of the road. Brrrrr! It was cold and windy up there, and the air was noticably thinner. We were out of breath just from walking around. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t exercised in months . . .

I set up a Flickr account tonight. Click an image in the sidebar to see a few more.


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