Blogger Blues

It’s official—I’m jumping on the bandwagon of people who have issues with Blogger. I’ve been hesitant to climb on in the past, thinking that most of the problems are my own doing. But now I’m beginning to question that . . .

I included three pics with yesterday’s post, and on J.P.’s tablet PC where I made the entry, they all looked fine. But when I hit the site this morning from my work laptop they were all distorted. I had included code to resize the images, and Blogger modified my html to resize the width but not the height. What’s up with that?

After a few modifications, the first two photos looked better. But even though I copied and pasted the html from #2 to #3, I still can’t get the third one to display correctly. And each is the same size when it displays in Flickr.

I believe it was Mir who said, “This free service is worth every penny I pay for it.” That was before she switched to another hosting service. However, I’m too cheap and ignorant of web programming to do that.

So tell me, are yesterday’s photos distorted on your monitor? Or is it just me? Anyone have any suggestions for me? Anyone? Bueller?

UPDATE: Um, okay . . . now that I’ve posted today’s entry, the problem seems to be resolved on my monitor. So maybe it is just me . . .


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