Poopy Poetry

I was tagged today. Not once, but twice. Thanks, Robyn and mrtl. I have very mixed feelings about this tagging idea. While I was excited that people thought of little ol’ me, the topic isn’t exactly appealing. But then again, neither is projectile pus. (Hey, can you believe I managed to use that phrase two days in a row?)

In light of recent events here in Sharkeyville, here’s my epic contribution to the blogworld:

Turd in a punch bowl,
At a baby shower.
Turd in a punch bowl,
Watch the mom-to-be cower.

Now I’m getting a complex . . . who am I going to tag? I feel like the kid who’s left standing when the music stops. Oh, I read plenty of blogs. Too many, some might say. But everyone I read has either already done it, or they run the sort of establishment that wouldn’t even consider it.

But wait a minute . . . who says you have to have your own blog to write a poem? Kelly, Cherie, and Lynette: please leave your entries in my comments if you’re so inclined. It’s easy—just replace lines 2 and 4 with your own rhyming lines. Tag—you’re it!


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