Ahhhhh . . . .

I’ve been in an unusual mood for the last day or so. I think some might call it relaxation. That’s part of it, but I’ve also been feeling profoundly happy and content. It’s a notch up from my usual demeanor, which is generally pretty good. What brings this on, you say? Several things:

The periodontist decided yesterday that I didn’t actually need a distal wedge procedure, which involves cutting a wedge-shaped piece of tissue from my gum and then stitching the two sides of the crevasse together. Instead he did a gingivectomy, which sounds much worse but is actually much less involved. Basically he scraped a few layers off my gum. And it didn’t hurt—even after the Novocain wore off.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with the oncologist. Do you see why I’m in such a good mood? Spending my day off in doctors’ offices? And doctors who specialize in scary stuff, to boot. But it was just a regularly-scheduled three-month check, so no big deal. And J.P. and I really like my oncologist. I swear he’d go without me, just to get to hang out with the doc for a few minutes. Anyway, now that I’ve been cancer-free for three years, he’s given us the go-ahead to start looking into adoption.

But the best thing that happened yesterday? A call from my mom. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in December (we don’t have a family history of cancer, I swear), and she finished her chemo a few weeks ago. She had a CT scan yesterday to see how things looked, and it was clean! Hooray! I don’t think I realized how much it had been on my mind, but when I got the good news it felt like I exhaled a breath that I’d been holding for a month.

And today the sun was out. And I got a haircut and highlights and a brow wax and a pedicure—whew! Time for me! And the best thing that happened today? It even beat out all of the pampering stuff. J.P. cleaned our bathroom and changed the sheets on our bed.

Does life get any better than this?


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