Inside the mind of Sharkey

When J.P. and I ventured out of our Boston hotel in search of lunch this afternoon, we ended up at an upscale mall—Gucci, Neiman Marcus, and of course Chili’s. (Chili’s?) The sign that you see above was painted on one of those “Coming Soon!” temporary walls they put up when they’re constructing a new store.

All through lunch I wondered how you could taste luxury humor. If I ate caviar or truffles, I would say I was tasting luxury. But humor? Were they talking about ice cream bars? And luxury humor, at that. Does luxury humor taste different than regular humor? These things were really weighing on my mind.

As we walked out of the restaurant, the light bulb finally came on. The sign was to advertise a Barney’s store that’s opening soon. They meant it as three separate concepts: Taste. Luxury. Humor.

You’d think with all that luxury, they could afford a little punctuation.


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