Guest post from J.P.

Truth be told, I did not enjoy any of Episode II when I was watching it that night. I kept thinking about Sharkey, the major surgery she was having the next day, and wondering what the heck I was doing there!!

Of course you have to realize Sharkey is not the type of gal who likes to be treated like a fragile, frail, emotionally unstable person. And that is one of the things I fell in love with in her. Plus, what do you do the night before surgery, just talk about it all night the day before? Not!!! And she did give me permission and literally told me go and have fun so… =)

But still, definitely not one of my better decisions!!! But here we are, scans are clear and we’re living our lives and in love still, so in the grand scheme of things, was it really all that bad? OK, people I get the hint, not good, bad “man” descision, won’t happen again… =) Love you Sharkey!!


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