Googling Sharkey

Mrtl has instituted Motif Mondays, and today’s topic is My #1 Google Search Term. But I just wrote about that a few weeks ago, and it hasn’t changed. Probably about 99% of the hits I get from Google are about lattice: installing it, cutting it, putting it around a deck. You name it. If it’s about lattice, I get hits. If you type how to install lattice, I’m number 3 on the results. And if you put it in quotes, I’m the first two listings. Since there are only 10 results total, I guess you can say that I have 20% of Google’s results for that topic. Wow. Impressive, huh?

The other day, I got a hit from someone in the Netherlands who apparently wanted to learn about folding towels. (Would you believe there are 363,000 pages that contain that phrase?) A few months ago, I mentioned in passing my freaky obsession with folding them a specific way. And here’s the proof:

I think J.P. may have actually folded some of these. Apparently this towel folding disease is contagious, because he’s adapted to my ways. Sad but true.

And finally, in the Freaky category . . . yesterday I got a hit from someone who searched for jp, computer, denver, work, blog. Granted, most of those are pretty common terms. But still . . .

And there’s my Monday entry—published six minutes before Tuesday. Just under the wire!


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