Stuff Portrait Friday

For several weeks now, Kristine has been running Stuff Portrait Fridays. While I don’t like to post pictures of myself for Self-Portrait Days (Thursdays), I can totally get on board with SPF. I’m trying my hand at it this week, and I can’t believe how much time it takes!

I only need three photos, right? Easy enough. Except that I can’t just pop the card out of the camera and into the home computer because there’s no slot for it. But we do have a 10-in-1 card reader that plugs into the USB port. Cool, right? Not so much. Our USB hub doesn’t have enough power to support the reader, and the computer’s actual USB ports are all in the back where I can’t get to them.

On to Plan B. I went downstairs to get the work laptop and got distracted by thoughts of a chocolate Pop Tart . . . mmmmm. I threw one in the toaster oven while I pulled out my laptop. I carried everything, including a glass of milk, back upstairs and fired up computer #2. I plugged the card reader into the USB port, and voila—pictures. Except that I forgot to insert my wireless network card, so I can’t upload the pics from there unless I go back downstairs to get the card.

All righty, then! Plan C it is. I’ll transfer the pics from the card to our jump drive thingy and then plug THAT into the USB hub on the home computer. But wait a minute—the laptop only has one USB port. Which means I have to first transfer the files to the hard drive. Then unplug the card reader, plug in the jump drive, copy the photos over there, and then finally plug that back into the home computer. Then it’s on to editing, cropping, adjusting, and uploading. Mrtl, I’m liking your idea better and better all the time.

Or maybe we should just get a new computer with tons of disk space and memory, plus all the bells and whistles. Shhhhhh . . . don’t tell J.P. I said that, or we’ll have a new computer within a week! Anyway, on to my “stuff . . . ”

This week’s first photos are of our kid’s room. Starring in the role of child is Penny the Wonder Pup. Occasionally, I’ll look over into the living room and see this chair rocking like crazy. It’s just Penny, trying to get her blanket situated so she’s all wrapped up like a papoose.

In our heirloom chair, which has become hers.

When we leave, we put her in the crate. But sometimes she likes to hang out here even when we’re home.

Next on the docket is a picture of my collection. You may be able to tell that I’m not much of a collector. Of anything. Except maybe dust. You see, even though I love giraffes and I think they’re the coolest thing, when I see one in a store I always think, “What am I going to do with it? Do I really want to spend $20/$50/$100 on THIS?” Usually the answer is no. I received most of the items below as gifts.

And finally, a photo of my desk/computer/work space. Well actually I have two photos. Because I’m kind of an overachiever about some things. The first was taken as an “after” shot when we decorated the home office last summer.

J.P. sits here for 8-10 hours most days, when he’s working from home. I spend a fair amount of time here too, as you might have guessed. Here it is with that “lived in” look.

Of course that’s Sharkey Malarkey on the screen—what did you expect?


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