Stuff Portrait Friday #2

Can it really be Friday already? Seems like I just wrote my Motif Monday entry. I guess that’s what happens when you write Monday’s post on Tuesday and Friday’s post on Thursday. But I need to finish this tonight because Mom’s coming into town tomorrow! And that means fun! And laundry! And cleaning! I’ll let you guess what’s supposed to be happening tonight. Right. Hence the blog entry.

It’s Stuff Portrait Friday, and I had a hard time with this one. The first category is something you have that you want more of. Hmmm . . . usually I want to GET RID OF stuff, not acquire more. But then it came to me . . .

Bath & Body Works is discontinuing this scent (or as we in Sharkeyville call it, “flavor”). It’s my favorite of all time, and while you can see that my stock is plentiful right now, it will soon dwindle and I won’t be able to replace it.

Next up is something you have that you want less of. Now this was tough too, but for a different reason. I took pictures of several different things, but this is what won:

This is our basement. We don’t have a lot of junk down there, but we have an empty box for any occasion, any gift, or even for the burial of a medium-size person. Because you never know when you might need knock off the guy who cut you off in traffic this morning. Oh, and in case you were wondering—there IS candy in the pinata. Circa 2003. Tootsie Roll, anyone?

And finally, something you have that you are completely satisfied with as is. This was the most difficult of all. At the macro level, I’m very satisfied with my life and the stuff I have. But at the micro level, I’m rarely satisfied with anything. I think that’s been well established here, hasn’t it? I kinda have that perfectionist thing goin’ on. So this is as close as it gets:

I love, love, LOVE our entertainment center. But the fake leaves in the crock on top? Yeah, I could live without those.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


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