Stuff Portrait Friday #3

TGISPF! This week’s contribution:

This is something that makes me wonder, “What was I thinking?” Well actually, it makes me wonder what J.P. was thinking. He bought this Martin Luther bobblehead last fall for some event at church. And now he lives in our basement. (M.L., not J.P.) Marty was a good guy and all, but really, what else are we going to do with him? But don’t worry, he doesn’t get lonely—his wife Katy is down there too. Yes, we actually do have a bobblehead Katy.

These two lovely items are things I’m obligated to keep/display. Because they were gifts from—you guessed it—my mother-in-law. Some people would probably be fine with the love “artwork,” but it’s just not my thing.

And then there’s the frog. He’s a salt and pepper shaker set, but perhaps you’ve guessed that I’ve never used him.

Just in case you missed it above, here’s a close-up of the love thingy. Yeah, it’s a plastic bird and a lace ribbon. Did I mention that this is SO not my style? The good news is that MIL has figured it out—now she gives me gift cards instead.

And finally, something that no one else owns. Some people might put this in one of the first two categories, but I really like this witch. My grandma made her for me, and I think she’s pretty cute. I know, you may be wondering how THIS is my style when the stuff above isn’t. If the witch were a year-round thing, I might agree. But since she lives in the basement with Marty, Katy, and Santa, and she only spends 1/12 of the year upstairs, I put her in the cute column.

When I brought her upstairs tonight for the picture, I was excited because I was so sure that no one else would have one. I took the picture and loaded it onto the computer before I realized—my sister has one exactly like this. CRAP!


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