Last Sunday: 90+ degrees and humid.
This Sunday: 70 degrees, sunny, breezy, and mild.

Last Sunday: Hand massage.
This Sunday: Blistered hands.

Last Sunday: Facials with Mom.
This Sunday: Digging holes in the yard.

Last Sunday: Shopping at the mall.
This Sunday: Shoveling manure.

So which Sunday was the better one? You’d think that would be an easy call, but I’m not sure. Facials and shopping are tough to beat, but so is the feeling of accomplishment you get from shoveling manure. Well, not the manure itself, but what comes of the manure after some time has passed.

We built our deck two years ago, and we’re just now landscaping around it. Neither of us is particularly fond of yard work, so it takes a lot for J.P. and me to overcome the inertia and just start the project already! And technically, this really is just the beginning. Now that the plants are in the ground, we need to mulch. And mulch. And mulch some more.

Next week, the Summer of Weekend Obligations begins. Most of them are more fun than obligations, but still. We’ll be taking advantage of the longest days of the year to finish our work so we can enjoy the rest of the summer.


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