Stuff Portrait Friday #4

Wow, can this really be my fourth SPF entry? Hard to believe how fast the weeks fly by. On to this week’s topics, sponsored by Kristine.

Our first item is something stolen (or borrowed and not returned):

I didn’t exactly steal this towel, but I didn’t exactly borrow it either. When I bought my house and my former roommate and I moved to our own places, I somehow ended up with one of her towels. It didn’t have paint on it when I got it. Do you think she’ll want it back now?

Next up, an unopened (or unused) present that I forgot to return:

This box contains four Mikasa champagne flutes that J.P. and I received as a wedding gift five years ago. See how the corners are kind of beat up? Yeah, that’s because it rode around in my trunk for a month or two. I intended to return it, but then just never got around to it.

And why do we have four perfectly good champagne flutes that we wanted to return? They’re not ugly. In fact, we’re the ones who put them on our registry. But take a look at our inventory:

I could’ve used this pic last week in the “what was I thinking?” category. Why did we ever think we’d need this many glasses? Twelve each of red wine, white wine, and champagne flutes. We’ve never used any of the flutes, and even the regular wine glasses don’t get used all that frequently (the ones that aren’t in the regular rotation have a nice coating of dust on them).

And finally, my perfume:

I don’t actually use this perfume, as you can tell by the nearly-full bottle. I got it as a birthday gift from my hair salon. And it’s tough to turn down free stuff, ya know? No need for perfume when B&BW has such good-smelling lotion.

Penny Pup Friday
Every Thursday night when I get the camera out, Penny has to come and see what I’m doing. I inevitably take several shots of her, so I might as well post them here too.

Since I was crouching (and at one point lying) down to get some shots of the glasses, she felt that I was in her space. Of course, as soon as I point the camera at her, she starts to move away. This one is actually posed because the candid ones didn’t turn out very well. But trust me—I didn’t have to coax her over—she was right there.

Here she is sunning herself on one of the deck chairs. I happened to catch her mid-yawn. Should be good for a chuckle to start the weekend off right. Have a good one!


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