Don’t rush me

On Friday, I went to Jo-Ann Fabric in search of decorations for our party. Just to clarify, this was our Fourth of July party. I was very pleased to find that everything was 60% off. I picked up some bunting for 80 cents a package, and I also got several packages of 9′ star garland for 40 cents each. The cheapskate in me usually doesn’t buy decorations because why spend all that money for something you’re just going to end up throwing away? Total cost for these decorations: about five bucks. Even I can handle that. Woohoo!

On my way back to the sale section, I noticed another display. Jo-Ann has lots of crafty stuff—cross-stitch kits, needlepoint, scrapbooking, etc. I can see where you might decide to get a jump on a project that you want to give as a gift, or something that you plan to display in your home during the holidays. But this, THIS particular display had me staring in disbelief. It was July 1, and they were trying to sell CHRISTMAS CARDS AND WRAPPING PAPER! Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh!!!!


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