This ‘n’ That


You all know that I’m a geek, right? But did you know about the Band Geek part? I played clarinet all through school, and I received a music scholarship for college (it was FAR from a free ride—I’m not that good). I still play, at our church and with a community concert band. Summer is Concert in the Park Season, and last Saturday we played at Longwood Gardens in southeastern PA.

Longwood is beautiful, and since I had two free tickets and the weather was gorgeous, J.P. and I grabbed the camera and headed out a little early. Funny how I end up taking 95% of the pictures with this camera that he wanted. Not that I’m complaining, mind you; I tend to be a bit of a hog with it. Anyway, I’ve posted a slide show to Flickr if you’re interested in taking a look.

I got a Google hit today from someone who searched for dog tags aircraft aluminum scratch my butt. Can you believe I’m only #5 on the list after my post last week? That cracked me up.

J.P. and I are headed out of town tomorrow for more than a week. Some fun, some family, some work. I’m really hoping those things aren’t mutually exclusive, and that we can have fun with the family and while we’re working. Shouldn’t be too tough, when you consider our destinations. Yes, destinations, plural—we’re going to three different cities on a whirlwind tour. I think I’ll save the details ’til later though.

I’ll be taking lots of pics and posting when I have a connection. Have a great week!


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