My kind of town

So I’m sure you’ve been checking back here faithfully, waiting to find out where J.P. and I are. Okay, so maybe not. But here’s a clue—recognize this?


You may recognize the tallest building here, but in case you don’t:


Yep, the first stop on our tour was Chicago. We took the L from O’Hare into the city to stay with our friends, Stu and Mooch.

Stuart Mooch

I was a total geek with the camera and even took pics on the train.


One of the first things we did when we got to our friends’ house was head up to their rooftop deck. Not a bad view, huh? Too bad we were a few days late for fireworks.

The view from our friends' deck

Then we had awesome sushi at Bob San. Of course, I couldn’t help liking it after I saw their light fixture. See anyplace around here where I could hang something like this?


Friday we took an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. I took tons of pictures of buildings that look pretty cool. Too bad I can only name about three of them. Then we spent a lot of time just walking around being tourists. We saw State Street, Millennium Park, and the Bean. We had Garrett’s yummy popcorn and wandered around Marshall Fields. It was a beautiful day, and it was nice just to be outside.

Here’s my contraband picture from Garrett’s. I’d taken a few photos of this tin, and was about to take another when the staff stopped me. They don’t allow photos inside the store, and even have a posted policy that says they could confiscate my equipment or media. Um yeah, right. So even thought it’s not a great shot, I have to post it for the world to see. Take that!


And that concludes the Chicago portion of our tour. Our friends dropped us off at O’Hare on Friday night. But we didn’t get on a plane. What did we do? Tune in tomorrow (okay, so probably not tomorrow—but definitely within the next few days) to find out.



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