The big reveal

So after the last few posts, I bet you’re convinced that I’m in some exotic locale like Iowa. Or maybe Minnesota. But I’m not. Perhaps in the Caribbean on a SCUBA expedition . . .

Shark Reef at Mandalay

Come on, do you really think they have neon signs in the water, directing you to the sharks? Well no. But I had to take a picture of the shark.

Or maybe Egypt . . .


Not exactly. France?


Nah. But by now you probably have a pretty good idea where we are. Where else can you see all these things in one place?

Vegas Sign

Yep, that’s right—Vegas, baby! J.P. and I are here for work, but we’re having some fun too. We’re staying at Mandalay Bay, and here’s the view from our room:

The view from our room at Mandalay Bay

Not bad, huh? And after our experience in Wisconsin over the weekend, we were also very glad to find a KING SIZE bed in our room. Plus, we have my favorite hotel bed feature: the blanket sandwich. Know what I’m talking about? It’s where they put the flat sheet on the bed, then they put the blanket on top of it, and then they put another flat sheet on top of that. You have the benefit of the blanket’s warmth, without having to touch the disgusting thing that was probably last laundered during the Clinton administration. The mark of a fine hotel (the sandwich, not the lack of laundering).

We’re not big gamblers, but you’d never know it from J.P.’s collection:

J.P.'s addiction

And bonus—he won $250 tonight! Oh, and we put $50 on red for you. But sorry—you didn’t win. Better luck next time!


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