First Fruits

First Fruits

When we got home on Saturday, the garden looked like a jungle. It was hot and humid while we were gone, and apparently there was plenty of rain. My two nice little cucumber plants have taken over about a quarter of the space, and the tomato plants are drooping under the weight of all the tomatoes that have suddenly appeared.

And the plants aren’t the only thing that’s grown. The weeds are everywhere! But it’s been hot, humid, and raining off and on since we got home, so they’re safe for now. It was all I could do to pick these tomatoes and cucumbers between the raindrops tonight.

I’m thinking that by the end of summer I’ll have the fewest under-eye circles of any woman in the neighborhood, ’cause what else am I going to do with all those cucumbers? Don’t answer that!

Penny’s always happy to help any way she can. Here’s a shot of the Devil Dog Crunching Cukes.

Devil Dog


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