Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #6

Wow, it seems like forever (actually only two weeks) since I played along on Stuff Portrait Friday. SPF is sponsored by Kristine at Random and Odd, and she set up a Flickr group for us. Check ’em out! This week’s theme is What’s for Dinner?

The first topic is my specialty dinner. Now let me just say that cooking isn’t my thing. Baking and desserts, however, are a different story. I like to bake bread (from scratch), flourless chocolate cake (a.k.a. Death by Chocolate), and cheesecakes, and I made homemade truffles as favors for our wedding guests.

But J.P. does 99% of the cooking in Sharkeyville. I make dinner maybe one night a month. And Wednesday just happened to be that night because he mowed the lawn in the 90+ degree heat, then showered and fell asleep before I got home from work. Rather than wake him, I decided to go all out and really treat him with my culinary skills. First, the raw ingredients:

What's for dinner - before

And now the results. Bon appetit!

What's for dinner - after

What's for dinner - after

Mmmmmm . . . doesn’t that look good? Especially the green can cheese. That stuff makes me gag, but J.P. likes it. And no, I didn’t bake this particular loaf of bread. But I did grow the cucumbers and tomatoes in the garden. Partial credit?

Next up is food we ALWAYS have in our house.

Food we always have

We’re big milk drinkers around here. The two of us usually go through 2-3 gallons a week. And I have to have my Jif (no Skippy!), not to be confused with Susie’s Jif. I’m addicted to cheese, and I’ve recently been trying one new cheese a week from Wegman’s extensive selection. The buffalo wing cheese didn’t exactly taste like wings. It was more like really spicy Velveeta, with a creamy soft texture. I’d rate it two cows out of four.

And finally, my favorite appliance. The rules didn’t specify kitchen appliance, but I decided that would be safest.

Favorite appliance

I love me some toast. Plus, it’s an oven! You can make tater-tots, reheat pizza, and bake 2-3 cookies for immediate consumption. What’s not to like?

And last but not least, it wouldn’t be Pup & Stuff Friday without the pup. Here’s a shot that J.P. took of Penny and me one Saturday morning last winter. Nah, she’s not spoiled!

So spoiled


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