Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #7

Hooray! It’s time for SPF, and you know what that means—it’s FRIDAY! As usual, Stuff Portrait Friday is sponsored by Kristine at Random and Odd.

Before the stuff, we have the pup:

Intensity Personified (Dogified?)

Notice the look of intensity on her face. Actually, it’s more like her whole body, isn’t it? J.P. had a biscuit in his other hand, and when food is involved, there’s no distracting Penny. I had to use the flash for the photo, which turned her eyes green and made her look evil. So I Photoshopped it and now she looks like she’s on crack.

Now onto the stuff. The first pic is our bed. This is what it looked like last night, and per Kristine’s instructions I didn’t take any special care to make it look nice. Immediately after the photo was taken, I stripped it to wash the sheets. See the light saber on the nightstand? Guess who sleeps on that side?

Bed - with the new linens

And this is what our bed looked like a few months ago. Notice the close-up shot of the previous picture. That’s because we still have the orange/coral curtains hanging up, and they don’t exactly go with the new bedding. There’s nothing wrong with the old stuff (except that the Ikea curtains are really faded. And cheap.), but we were tired of it. Anybody interested in queen size Rose Bouquet and Berry Check bedding from Eddie Bauer? Matching valance included—we’ll make you a sweet deal!

Bed - with the old linens

And here’s our dresser. Notice the matchy-matchy state of our furniture, which is universally hated by all HGTV designers. I was unaware of the faux pas when we bought it, and I fully anticipate that we’ll have it for our entire marriage.


Also, the dresser is never this clean. Ever. I took this pic a few months ago after cleaning, so that I’d be prepared with the “before” pictures when we finally decide to finish the room. The new bedding is the first step, but it’ll probably be sometime next year before we make additonal progress.

And finally, my favorite jammies:

Favorite Jammies

I bought these a few weeks ago when we were traveling. I talked to my sister when we were both en route to Milwaukee, and she mentioned that she’d forgotten her underwear. So when we crossed the Illinois-Wisconsin border into Outlet Mall Nirvana, we stopped at the Jockey store to get her some. These caught my eye, and I made an impulse purchase. Too bad they didn’t help me sleep in that nasty hotel bed.

Have a great weekend!


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