Reason #4753 why I love J.P.

Through the fog, I hear the familiar sound of liquid sloshing in a tank. The fog clears when I hear the next unmistakable sound, and I awaken. Then, silence. Maybe it was my imagination, or a dream. I look at the clock: 4:16 AM, less than two hours until I have to get up.

Slosh, slosh . . . . “Penny! Get in the bathroom, get on the tile!” The dog moves away, wary of the nut who has leapt out of bed and is now dancing around in the dark. And then I hear it again: HORK!! Too late–last night’s dinner is now in two different places on the carpet.

I attempt to coax her downstairs and outside so any further deposits will land on the grass, but she’ll have none of it. I grab the roll of paper towels and head back up the stairs to find J.P. already cleaning up the chunks. Then he mixes an Oxy-Clean solution and applies it to remove the remaining stains.

All three of us are back in bed by 4:32.


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