Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #8

The weeks of summer continue to fly by, and it’s time for P&SPF once again. This week’s theme is OCD, and it’s brought to you by Kristine at Random and Odd.

I’ve been trying to hide it for a while now, but I think it’s time to come clean. Here’s a picture of my horrible habit:

My Bad Habit

Well okay, not really. A single shot from one of these bottles would be enough to give me a buzz. But these bottles are a part of my actual bad habit:

My Actual Bad Habit

This is our butler’s pantry, but more often than not it’s our Crap That Doesn’t Have Another Home pantry. This is just one of its seasonal rotations, and right now it holds the summer “deck” dishes that live in our basement the rest of the year. And you’ll also notice all the party supplies from our little shindig last month. Yes, that’s right—my horrible habit is dumping stuff here. Good thing we don’t have a butler who needs to use this space.

This next photo is a two-for-one because it’s both my obsession and something that causes anxiety:


Yes, it’s my hair. I think it stems from that perfection gene that I got somewhere (Mom!), and it frequently causes me anxiety as I obsess over it. J.P. knows not to come near me while I’m styling it in the morning, and I’m almost never happy with the way it looks. But learning that it would all fall out from the chemo was devastating. Kinda like how you don’t want your old boyfriend, but you don’t want anyone else to have him either. Not that anyone else had it after it fell out, but you know what I mean, right? Hmmm . . . perhaps I’ll have to quit that drinking habit after all.

Finally, our pup:

After a walk

I took this last night after our walk in the 98-degree heat. I love summer . . . I love summer . . . I love summer.


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