Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #9

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

Come on, everybody, let’s go bye-bye! Penny’s takin’ us for a ride.

Penny the Driving Dog

First up, my ride:

My Ride

Okay, so it’s not the whole car. But you know what a Passat looks like, right? And bonus—I’m in the picture too. Well maybe ‘bonus’ isn’t exactly the right word . . . .

Next, one mile from our house:

One mile from home - East

Drive east one mile, and you’ll find a new housing development. Yes, this very attractive model sells for only $300K. But hey, that plastic bubble roof doubles as a skylight!

One mile from home - North

To the north, there’s still lots of farmland, but those port-a-potties seem to be springing up everywhere. It won’t be long before there’s no farmland left.

One mile from home - West

Head west one mile and you’ll find this little gem. I don’t remember if this is a house, a barn, or some other kind of outbuilding because I barely slowed down long enough to take the picture. Cute old buildings like this are all over the place.

One mile from home - South

And Wawa is one mile to the south. Wawas are like the Starbucks of convenience stores—everyone goes there for coffee, and you can’t drive a mile without seeing one. Drive by a Wawa any time of the day or night and it will always be busy. This one’s a little low-rent, but they’re building a shiny new one just down the street.

Finally, why we love it here:

Why I love where we live

This is the closest I can come to posting a picture of why we love it here. This butterfly bush is in the neighbor’s yard, and I took this shot while I was walking Penny last night. You might think we love the scenery or the wildlife or the port-a-potties. While those things are nice, we really like it here because we have great neighbors. They’re willing to help us anytime we need it, whether that means picking up our mail, lending us tools, or helping to build our deck. Oh, and it’s not all about the chores—we have fun too!


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