Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #10

SPF, sponsored by Kristine

Welcome to Friday! Time for SPF . . . let’s go! First up, is something I made myself:

Something I made - 3

Last summer I made this valance for our home office. I’d taken a community ed course on making window treatments, and this was my first attempt at doing it myself.

Something I made - 2

I’m not sure whether the plaid fabric choice was brave or stupid. It definitely made things more challenging. I had to piece it together, and the seams are hidden inside the pleats. Piecing the fabric was the only part that required sewing—the rest was all done with glue.

Something I made - 1

Then I decided to make a pillow out of the leftover fabric. Of course, I can never be happy with something plain. I wanted a cool pattern, so I used my rusty geometry skillz to come up with this. It’s not perfect, but it works.

Next, the tools of my hobby:

Tools of my hobby

Yeah, I know—not very creative. What can I say?

And finally, something I want to give away:

Something I'd like to get rid of/give away

This is one day’s harvest. I’ve been picking this many tomatoes a couple times a week for the last few weeks. The neighbors turn and run when they see me coming. My co-workers refuse to take any more. J.P. and I can only eat so many BLTs. Penny does what she can with the grape size, but her little tummy can only take so much.

And speaking of Penny, here’s a shot of our veggie-eating corn dog:

Corn Dog


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