Martha goes to speech class

This week’s Motif Monday theme is How To. I know that these posts aren’t supposed to require pictures, but I figure it’s easier to include them than to write the 15,000 words that the images below are supposedly worth. And besides, I’m an instructional designer. We’re all about the step-by-step.

This assignment reminded me of the “demonstration” assignment in high school speech class, with a little home ec. thrown in for good measure.


Tired of your linen closet looking like the photo above? (You know, with a stove and a sink full of dishes.) Then just follow the simple steps below to learn how to fold a fitted sheet.

Begin with a fitted sheet of any size. In this demonstration, we’ll use a queen sheet. All instructions below are for a right-handed person. If you’re left-handed, simply change the references.

Find a corner of the sheet. Put it over your left hand, inside-out.

Step 1

Working around the perimeter, find the next corner to the right. Put it over your left hand, right side out.

Step 2

Continue working around the perimeter of the sheet. Find the third corner, and put it over the other two corners on your left hand, inside-out.

Step 3

Finally, put the fourth corner over your left hand, right side out. Got that? The four corners are 1. inside out, 2. right side out, 3. inside out, 4. right side out.

Step 4

Next, lay the sheet on a flat surface as shown, and smooth any large wrinkles.

Step 5

Beginning with the long elastic side, fold one third of the sheet over onto itself.

Step 6

Then fold the other side over the top of the fold you made in step 6.

Step 7

Now fold the long rectangle into thirds.

Steps 8 & 9

You made it! But wait—there’s more. For the most Martha-like linen closet, keep your sheet sets together as follows.

Fold the flat sheet into a long rectangle. Then fold one third of the rectangle toward the center.

Step 10

Place the beautifully-folded fitted sheet on top of the 2/3 portion of the flat sheet. Be sure the rough edges of the fitted sheet face the longer end of the flat sheet, as shown below. See how that nice smooth edge is practically underneath the word Fitted? All the rough edges are turned away from you, and they’ll be folded into the middle of the flat sheet.

Step 11

Place your pillowcases on top of the fitted sheet, again with the smooth fold toward you.

Step 12

Finally, fold over the final third of the flat sheet, covering the fitted sheet and pillowcases.

Step 13

When you put the sheets in the linen closet, be sure the smooth fold faces out, as shown below.


Hello, my name is Sharkey and I’m an anal-retentive sheet folder. Oh, and I take pictures of it and post them on the Internet.


4 Responses to “Martha goes to speech class”

  1. mammaren Says:

    Nice, I love you… this is also how I fold and store my sheets..

    Happy AR linen folding to you!

  2. Jessiejack Says:

    I got this reference from unclutterer site. Thanks for the demo of a problem I have struggled with for years!

  3. shovmama Says:

    This is one of the MANY things I never learned how to do from my mom! Not saying she didn’t try, just saying I didn’t learn!! Now that I’m past the point of having only 2 sets of sheets (1 one the bed, the other wadded up & stuffed in the closet), learning how to fold sheets is really coming in handy!! : )

  4. nouna Says:

    oh please reupload the pictures! They are not available anymore 😦

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