Buying stock in OxiClean

Four days. Multiple times per day. The dog has been throwing up. Why can’t she (just once!) do it on a surface other than white carpet? I don’t know what I’d do without the OxiClean (yes, it really works).

We went to the vet yesterday and got some medication and prescription food. Plus, she now gets a Pepcid tablet every day. All I have to do is toss it in her direction and she’ll chomp it right down. Probably because that’s all she’s getting to eat, poor girl.

Most of the time I think she feels okay, because she won’t. Stop. Begging. For. Food. I feel terrible because the vet said to withhold all food for 24 hours. Do you know what it’s like to have those hopeful brown eyes staring at you? She cocks her head, swishes her tail back and forth, looks at me, and woofs as if to say, “I’m SO hungry. Won’t you PLEASE feed me something?” Could you resist this face?


J.P. isn’t here to give her tough love (and give me moral support!), so I broke down and gave her the tiniest little bit of prescription food last night. Big mistake. Now we have to start the 24 hour period all over again. If she’s still sick tomorrow, we’re looking at blood work and x-rays to rule out an obstruction or something worse.

But! In other dog news? I heard from the woman at the rescue, and the animal behaviorists have made some recommendations about Raleigh. His owners think the changes will help, and they’re very relieved that they’ll be able to keep him!


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