Upchuck Update

As I was drying my hair in the bathroom this morning, I heard a bark in the hallway. I looked, and there was Ms. Penny trying to get my attention (usually she stays in bed until we’re about to leave). I’m not sure, but I think maybe she was hungry. I let her outside, and when she came back in she ran right over to her dish and stood there. Looking at me.

No food allowed ’til after 4:00 PM. I crushed up her pill and mixed it with just a bit of water. Last night, she lapped that right up. This morning? Nothing doing. About a tablespoon of chicken broth made it appealing enough I guess, and down it went. Then, she resumed her position at the dish. Looking at me.

I went back upstairs to finish getting ready. About ten minutes later I came down and there she was, standing at the dish. Looking at me.

Just before I left I called out, “Get in your crate!” She abandoned her position at the dish and made a mad dash for the crate. I apologized as I closed the door without giving her the requisite biscuit. And she just sat there. Looking at me.

That look haunted me all day, and I was a little afraid of what I’d find when I arrived home. But the crate was clean! Hooray! A small dinner at six o’clock hasn’t come back up, and it’s now 8:00. Still not out of the woods, but we’re hoping. Thanks for your kind words and concern!


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