Tonight as J.P. and I walked out of the grocery store, there was a one-dollar bill lying on the ground, fluttering a bit in the breeze. The man ahead of us walked toward it. As he bent down to pick it up, the wind seemed to carry it just out of his reach. Then we heard laughter, and we looked up to find three teenage boys (two of them store employees) about 15 feet away with a fishing pole. The money was tied to the line, and they’d reeled it in, laughing at the man’s expense.

Now I could turn this into a post about poor service or poor store management, but I won’t. Because as J.P. and I neared our car, I saw a $20 lying on the ground. Afraid of another trick, I looked around. Hmmm . . . no strings attached.

What do you think I did? What would you do?


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