Pup Portrait Friday


No SPF for me today, for a couple reasons. One is that I don’t have a huge affinity for any team. I’m happy if the Twins or Vikings win, but I’m definitely not what you’d call a die-hard fan. “Adopt” J.P.’s team, you say? I don’t think so.

You see, J.P. is a Green Bay Packers fan. And he has plenty of paraphenalia that I could photograph. However, even though I’m not a huge Vikings fan, it’s against my moral principles to promote their arch-rival. His favorite player is a man who doesn’t even know how to prounounce his own name. Someone please tell me how F-A-V-R-E can be prounounced Farve. Shouldn’t it be Fahv-RAY?

And the other reason I’m not playing along today is because our poor pooch Penny pup is STILL sick. We’ve done blood tests and x-rays and more blood tests. She had been throwing up about every day and a half or so, and yesterday the vet recommended hypoallergenic food (duck and potato—weird). We started her on that, and now she’s thrown up four times in two days. Definitely not an improvement. In an hour or so, I’m taking her for an abdominal ultrasound. Wish us luck.


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