Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #12

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

All right, enough of the depressing posts. It’s Friday, and you know what that means—portraits of stuff! And a pup! This week’s theme is random, and it’s a fun one.

First up, pictures of my kitchen. I was excited about this selection because my kitchen is sorely in need of cleaning. What a great excuse to clean it! Then I remembered that I already had pics of the kitchen, from when we redecorated last year. Score!

Here’s what it looked like before:

Kitchen - Before

I HATED the light fixture that hung over the table. The entire thing was plastic, even the “brass” rim. And? It was all one piece, so you couldn’t take the dome thingy over to the sink and wash it. Have you ever tried to clean a light fixture while it’s swinging wildly in the air? It ain’t fun, and that’s why it was always dirty (well, that’s my excuse anyway).

Here’s what it looks like now. Well, almost—you’ll have to imagine the dirty dishes, the mail and homeless crap that always sits on the island, and the two coffee makers.

Kitchen - After

And a few more shots, for good measure. I made this valance myself (well okay, I had a little help—thanks Mom!), out of napkins that I bought at Pier 1.

Patio Door - Before

Here’s what it looks like now. If you look closely, you can see Penny outside.

Patio Door - After

And finally, a shot of the kitchen window. I wish I could take credit for these window treatments, but I actually paid someone to design and make them. Hey, I know when I’m out of my league.

Kitchen Window

Next up (yes, we’re only on the second topic) is a picture of my handwriting. I decided to stick with the kitchen theme here, and went for a recipe.


If you like cheesecake, this is an AWESOME recipe. Let me know if you want it, and I can take a picture of the other side of the card. As you can tell by the fact that it calls for 40 oz. of cream cheese, it isn’t exactly low cal. But it’s totally worth it.

The last “official” picture today is something random. Since people have commented that they don’t know what I look like, I thought you might like to see this:

Sharkey @ 17 months

When I was in MN a few weeks ago, my grandma gave me a photo album which is still sitting on our kitchen table (I told you the kitchen’s a mess!). Every picture in it is of me, and pretty much only me. There are advantages to being the first grandchild.

And for our bonus pup picture this week, I present Deer in the Headlights. Have a great weekend!

Deer in the headlights


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