Penny for your thoughts

If you look into that wide open mouth, you can see her toes.

No SPF for me today (as you probably already noticed). But not because anything’s wrong. I just decided to get some things done around the house today instead of spending hours and hours in front of the computer as I do on most Fridays.

I think Penny’s been feeling better these last few days than she has in a long time. We started her on some antibiotics on Monday, and it really seems to be helping. I have no idea how antibiotics can help cancer, but I’m not complaining! She’s also been on prednisone and an anti-nausea drug for the last few weeks.

We’ve been feeding her anything that we think she might be able to keep down, and the list includes baby food, scrambled eggs, boiled chicken breast, and Chips Ahoy smeared with peanut butter. She’s loving the special food and the extra attention she’s been getting, but it seems nothing can make up for the loss of her beloved rawhides. So the last few nights I’ve broken down and allowed her ten minutes of chew time. So far, so good—there hasn’t been any puking since last Monday. WOOHOO!

Have a great weekend!


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