Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #13

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

It’s Stuff Portrait Friday, and that means I acually have a post today! I’m sure you can hardly contain your excitement.

First up is something that isn’t where it should be. This was a tough one for me. Not because my house is so incredibly neat and clean that I didn’t have any options, but because I had TOO MANY options. I had to make a montage to fit it all in.

Stuff that isn't where it belongs

And even that wasn’t enough. I had another pic that wouldn’t even fit in the montage!

Stuff that isn't where it belongs

You’ve seen our butler’s pantry before. I did finally put the booze and some of the other junk away, but now you can see the remnants of Penny’s diet over the last few weeks (don’t worry—there aren’t any lamdas; I’m talking about the baby food jars). And the mini shop vac has been sitting there for at least a week.

Next up: something broken that we kept:

A broken item that we kept

The part of the phone is being played by a mocked up image I found online, but J.P.’s phone really does look kind of like this. Because he ran over it with the Passat. But it still works—even the camera!

And this is some food we have in the house that we never eat (or drink):

Food we never eat

In the Japanese tradition, J.P.’s mom never shows up at our house empty-handed. She always brings something to eat or drink. As you can tell from the cellophane-wrapped boxes, we’re not big tea drinkers. I think she’s figured this out, because recently she’s been brining Dunkin’ Donuts instead. Note the absence of Dunkin’ Donuts pictures in this SPF category.

And finally, a pooch pic to start the weekend off right. Penny’s holding her own against the cancer—she’s still with us, enjoying as many rawhides as we’ll give her. She also likes it when I massage her neck: “Yeah, Mom, that spot riiiiight . . . THERE!”

Yeah, that spot right . . . THERE!


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