You asked for it

A long time ago, I decided not to post pictures of myself on this site. And not only am I posting a picture (mostly) today, but it’s a dorky one from high school! But I aim to please, and you guys wanted to see my 80s hair. I hope you’re not disappointed by its lack of bigness, but the giant fivehead and turned-up collar should be some consolation.

Senior Portrait

It’s a fivehead all right, but just look at how nice and smooth it is. Back then, the photographer retouched it to remove a few zits. Today he’d have to retouch it to remove the lines that have appeared in the last 19 years. Well, he would if I hadn’t learned to cover the vast expanse with bangs.

And here I am with some friends—we played in a clarinet/flute quartet that year. Nope, I couldn’t get enough band geekdom during the school day; I had to go for the extra-curricular band geek activities.


I’m the one in the Forenza sweatshirt (remember those from The Limited?). The yearbook staff took all the extra-curricular photos that day—band, speech team, honor society, student council, etc.—so not only do I have bad hair, but when you look through the yearbook it also appears that I owned only one shirt. It’s difficult to tell in the photo, but the shirt had kind of a polo collar attached to it. And you guessed it—that’s turned up too.

Since I blurred my own face, I didn’t think it was fair to expose my friends’ faces. The girl on the left was homecoming queen, and the one in the Coke shirt was our class president (I was VP). That’s N. on the right. She was pretty much the opposite of me—cute, petite, blonde, athletic, and perky. And she was my best friend. She lives in North Carolina now, and we still talk a couple times a year.

Those were the days—sometimes I wish I could travel back in time and spend about a month there. I would definitely choose this time of year, with homecoming, football games, crisp fall air, and the smell of burning leaves.


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