Holy crap

It’s been over a week since I blogged! I think that’s close to a record. I’ve been busy, yada yada . . . . But mostly I just haven’t been into it. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with Bloglines.

A sample day pre-Bloglines:

  1. Go to Sharkey Malarkey.
  2. Use blogroll to access and catch up on friends and favorite sites.
  3. Access StatCounter to see how many hits I’ve gotten.
  4. Work for a few hours.
  5. Revisit Sharkey Malarkey. Any new comments?
  6. Hey, (insert blog friend name here) hasn’t posted yet today. Maybe she has something new. Click appropriate link.
  7. Close friend’s site and return to Sharkey Malarkey. Refresh page to see if comment count increased. Nope.
  8. Check StatCounter again. Who’s been here lately? Why haven’t they commented?
  9. Back to work.
  10. Hey, I wonder if (insert name here) responded to my comment.
  11. Go to Sharkey Malarkey. Click appropriate link. View comments on friend’s site. Laugh at witty response to my lame comment.
  12. Get back to work.
  13. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  14. Get sick of looking at the same stale content on Sharkey Malarkey; post something new.

A sample post-Bloglines day:

  1. Access Bloglines to see who’s updated.
  2. Read posts in Bloglines window.
  3. Read Sharkey Malarkey comments in Bloglines window.
  4. View Flickr contacts’ photos in Bloglines window.
  5. Check StatCounter.
  6. Work for several hours.
  7. Check Bloglines. Nothing new.
  8. Work.
  9. Work some more.
  10. Visit Suzie, Ben, and Mouse (who don’t have RSS feeds—that I know of). Anything new?
  11. Work.

This Bloglines thing is a double-edge sword: I love how much time it saves, but now I just don’t “make the rounds” the way I used to. I still know what’s going on in Blogworld, but feel a little less connected. And the time savings so far has been worth the lack of connectedness.

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions for me in overcoming the blog blahs?


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