Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #14

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

I had to look back through my archives to determine what number to put in my title today. Would you believe I haven’t played SPF since September? I didn’t realize it’d been that long.

Our assignment for today: pictures of things that represent your past, present, and future. No pets or kids allowed! First up, my past:

My Past

My Past

Do you know how difficult it is to take good pictures of wigs? Probably not, but take my word for it—it’s kinda tough. They represent my life four years ago, when I was going through chemo. Before it fell out, my real hair was about the length of the wig in the second photo. I’d never really had long hair, and I thought it might be fun to try it out. I went from my short real hair to the long wig, overnight—without the pain and frustration of growing it out (by the way, I don’t recommend the chemo method of growing out your hair).

In the spring, I switched to the short wig and got lots of compliments on it. One morning a woman at church said, “Oh, you got your hair cut!” I acknowledged that my hair was, in fact, shorter. Then she said, “I really like it—you must’ve decided to go shorter for spring.” I thanked her for the compliment and agreed that the length would be better for warm weather. I was trying not to reveal that it was a wig, but she wouldn’t let me off the hook: “Was it hard to sit there in the chair and watch them chop it off?” Okay lady, you asked for it: “It’s a wig!” I didn’t mind talking about it at all; I just didn’t want to embarrass her. Oh well . . . .

And now, my present:

My Present

J.P. and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our friends. Neither of us has ever done it before. We’ve never even made a turkey! So we’ve been scoping out the recipes this week in preparation for the big shopping trip today. Misfit, I think we might have to try your brine recipe. Do you think it would work okay if we deep-fried it instead of roasting? That’d allow us to leave the oven free for side dishes.

And now, a photo that represents my future:

My Future

I’m going to be driving this puppy for probably the next 8-10 years. We just got it on November 1, and it’s a 2006 Subaru Legacy. We’re going to test its all-wheel drive with a trip to Minnesota at Christmas.

And finally, Maggie’s Pup & SPF debut. She’s modeling her new military haircut and stylish Thanksgiving bandana. Have a great weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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