You say it’s your blirthday*

I can’t believe it, but this blog is one year old today! It seems a lot of us in this little corner of the blog world started around this time last year, partly because of the community that formed in Dooce‘s comments section. I never really considered myself part of that community—I was just a lurker who laughed at the conversations of those who had much more time (and wit) than I did.

She may be surprised to read this, but I probably wouldn’t still be blogging today if it weren’t for Mrtl. You see, even after I started my own blog, I was still mostly a lurker of other people’s. One day I worked my way through most of Mrtl’s archives, and when I got back to the current day there was a new post. It freaked me out a little bit, but I finally de-lurked. And it felt good!

Soon I was leaving comments on others’ blogs, and eventually some of them found their way here. You see, if I hadn’t started commenting and you hadn’t found me, the blogging thing wouldn’t be any fun at all. So thanks, Mrtl, for ‘forcing’ that first comment out of me. And thanks to all of you for coming here regularly, for being so kind, and for sharing a little bit of yourselves with me.

Now . . . I would like to help others overcome their lurker status. I didn’t participate in de-lurking week earlier this month, so I’m calling a de-lurking day today. If you stop by Sharkey Malarkey—regularly or only once in a while—leave a comment to say hello!

*Since this post is a veritable Mrtl blovefest, it’s only fitting that I pay homage to her by using the term she coined on her own first blirthday last week. (Yes, I’m totally stealing it. But it’s not really stealing if you give credit, right? Right?!?)

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