Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #15

Can it really be that I haven’t played along with SPF since before Thanksgiving?!? Yikes! Talk about lazy!

In case you’re not familiar with SPF, it works like this:

  1. Visit Kristine at Random and Odd to learn about each week’s topics.
  2. Take the pictures.
  3. Post them Thursday night or Friday morning.
  4. Leave a comment at R&O so everyone can go check out your stuff.
  5. Go check out the people who comment on your blog and leave them a comment!That’s it! Simple huh? DID YOU PLAY???

All right, now that the rules are out of the way, let’s get down to SPF business. This week, Kristine wants to see:

  • The inside of your nightstand drawer.
  • A good book you’ve read.
  • Your favorite lamp.

My nightstand drawer is a little messy and a little full:

Inside my nightstand

I open this drawer about three times a year. It’s where I keep the cards that J.P. has given me, because I hate to throw them away, but don’t have any other good place to keep them. You’ll also notice some jewelry boxes toward the back. The roll things on the left are my lymphedema bandages that (thankfully!) I haven’t had to use in years.

Next, a good book that I’ve read. Notice that the rules don’t say I had to have read it recently!

Good books I've read

J.P. knew that I loved Trixie when I was a kid, and he gave me these for Christmas last year. I have to admit that I enjoyed them, even as an adult.

Last up, my favorite lamp:

My favorite lamp

This is probably the second “grown-up” thing I bought for my house in Minneapolis. I loved its lines and stained glass. It sits on the first grown-up thing that I bought back then, this little table:

My favorite lamp (and table!)

I got the table at the Uptown Art Fair one year, and a few years later I went back and bought the mirror from the same couple who’d made the table. They were both custom-made for me (and surprisingly affordable)!

Finally, a shot of Mags that I took this morning.

Snoozing in the Sun

As you can see, it’s quite sunny here today. And it’s even reasonably warm. But the wind is HOWLING! I think we’ll stay close to home. Have a great weekend!


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