Cupcake heaven


For some reason, I was craving cupcakes last night after dinner. We went to the grocery store, but the Hostess, TastyKake, and bakery versions just didn’t look appealing. So I settled for some Entenmann’s donuts. I ate two of them before I realized they have 350 calories EACH. Yikes!

Tonight was the annual Mardi Gras talent show at church, and everyone was supposed to bring a dessert. Ordinarily, I think cupcakes are too much work (I’d rather just bake/frost a cake and get it over with), but I knew the kids would love these. And I knew that I’d be able to eat a few and give the rest away. Bonus!

The cake is from a mix, but I made the frosting myself:

How to make the frosting

This recipe is part of a cookbook that my mom made for my sister and me several years ago. It seems we were always calling her, asking how to make potato salad or Grandma’s chocolate frosting. So she put everything into the cookbook and gave it to us for Christmas. It was a great gift, and it definitely paid off today!


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