All in the Family

In the last few weeks, two members of my family have started blogs. They started off hanging out here, and branched out into reading some of your blogs. And now they want to get in on the action too. Go pay ’em a visit and say hello.

JP Jargon is J.P.’s new home. He writes about gadgety/techy/geeky topics. Oh yeah—and golf. I expect you’ll see a lot of golf posts in the next several months now that the weather’s warming up (75 degrees here today!). And you’ll probably see some sort of payback for the steam-cleaning pic I posted the other day.

When my sister’s kids complain about doing things they don’t like, she always tells them, “it builds character.” Hence the name of her little corner of the blogosphere. Just in case you’re not inclined to visit, maybe these cute kid pics will convince you (I’m not biased at all, really!). I’m sure she’ll have lots more like them in the months to come.


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