Weekend recap

First signs of spring

Friday night we hit a milestone: It was warm enough that we could sleep with the windows open all night. It was wonderful to wake up yesterday morning to the bright light, fresh air, and singing birds. I enjoyed it so much that I went back to sleep and did it all over again two hours later.

J.P. and I decided we needed to get out and do something outside, so we loaded up Mags and headed to Valley Forge, which has 18 miles of trails for walking, biking, and horseback riding. We walked a couple miles along the creek, and Miss Maggie had a wonderul time dragging us along behind her. The photo above is about the only green thing we saw—everything else around here is still gray or brown. But it won’t be long now!

The outing ended where all springtime outings must:

All spring outings end here

Today was still warm, but rainy and overcast. I wish it had been nicer, but it’s probably good that it wasn’t. J.P. and I create our church’s member photo directory every year, and we finished taking the photos a few weeks ago. Now it’s time to wrangle them all together and actually create the book. I spent several hours adjusting and cropping the images, but there’s still more to do.

Now it’s Desperate Housewives, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, and some relaxation to finish the weekend off right.


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